Welcome to Rent A Satphone!

This page gives an overview of the rental process and costs.

Rental Process

  1. You choose a phone from our range of phones and inquire its availability.
  2. Download the rental contract and kindly return to us.
  3. Pick an initial credit and transfer it along with the deposit, and we send you the phone and its accessories. If time is short, the phone can also be picked up in person.
  4. You enjoy your trip.
  5. Upon return you send us the phone back, and we reimburse the deposit minus the rental costs.

Rental Costs

We charge an initial setup fee (which includes shipping to your Swiss address) and a daily rental fee. We do not charge any surplus on credit purchases. Special rates can be inquired for long-term rentals of at least one month.

The different network providers have different costs for calls and messages. Here is a summary of the costs. For the detailed costs please consult the page of the respective phone.

Item Cost (in CHF) IsatPhone 2 Cost (in CHF) Thuraya XT-Pro Cost (in CHF) Iridium Extreme
Preparation and shipping 15 15 15
Preparation and shipping (express) 25 25 25
Rental per day 8 8 10
Approx. costs calls/min ~1.80 ~2.00 ~2.30
Approx. costs message ~0.60 ~0.80 ~0.30

The exact costs depend on the credit pack and the exchange rate. Please find the choices on the page of the respective phone.


Rent A Satphone is located at:

Sieberstrasse 18
8055 Zürich